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What do I wear in the Sauna blanket?

We recommend wearing comfortable, skin-covering clothing.

We recommend wearing light cotton clothing.

Feet should preferably also be covered, so socks are recommended.

In addition, it is advisable to place a towel in the blanket.

How can I store my blanket?

You must let the sauna blanket cool down completely after use.

Once the blanket has cooled down, close the blanket. Make sure the blanket is smooth and flat before folding it lengthwise.

You should store the blanket in a suitable place.
Away from heat, moisture and chemicals.

The blanket is easy to store and takes up little space.

How often can I use the Infrared Sauna blanket?

At Flamengolife we ​​recommend 2 to 3 times a week. However, there is no hard and fast rule for this.

It's about what you and your body feel best about.

Some people use the blanket almost every day, while others enjoy using the sauna blanket sporadically.

How long can I use the infrared sauna blanket?

The timer is set to a maximum of 60 minutes.

It is therefore not the intention to spend more than 60 minutes in the sauna blanket.

We recommend between 30 and 50 minutes per session.

How does an infrared sauna blanket work?

You lie down in the Flamengo infrared sauna blanket and you will experience how the infrared technology heats your body.

This ensures that you start sweating with all the benefits of infrared heating, as you may know from the regular infrared sauna.

It is your own private sauna in the form of a blanket. You are wrapped 360 degrees with the infrared lamps and you will have the same experience in the blanket as you do with other infrared saunas.

At what times do I use the sauna blanket?

The appropriate time is different for everyone.

Depending on the person and the goal.

For example, if you use it to recover faster after a workout, it is ideal to enjoy after your workout.

If you want to use the blanket to sleep better, using it before going to sleep is definitely recommended.

Or if you want to start the day with relaxation, the morning can be an ideal time for you.

In short, there are several moments when you can enjoy the sauna blanket that suits your lifestyle.

How do I use the Sauna Blanket?

You place the blanket on a flat and suitable surface.
For example, think of your bed, couch or a yoga mat.

As soon as you place the plug in the socket, you can set the desired time and temperature.
You can then lie down in the blanket.

The desired temperature is reached after approximately 10 minutes.
You can then enjoy the infrared sauna session.
After the desired time has been provided, the blanket switches itself off.

After your session, we recommend taking a nice fresh shower.

After the sauna blanket session, remove the plug from the socket and let the blanket cool down.
Clean the blanket and then put it away.

Where can I use the sauna blanket?

The sauna blanket can be placed on any heat-resistant surface.

TIP: place the sauna blanket on a yoga mat or on a massage table.

Make sure you are comfortable. Grab a pillow so that your head is well supported.

Do not use on a waterbed, latex or memory foam bed or sofa.

What temperature do you recommend?

We recommend a temperature of 60 degrees.
However, this can differ per person.

When you lie down in the blanket for the first time, we recommend starting lower, around 50 degrees.

From there you can easily build up (or break down) to the desired temperature.

How can I adjust the temperature of the sauna blanket?

You can set the temperature with the simple handheld transmitter.
By pressing the temperature button you can adjust the temperature in 5 degree increments as desired.

How long does it take for the infrared blanket to warm up?

It takes about 10 minutes for the blanket to warm up.
However, after a few minutes you will already feel that the blanket is starting to warm up.


What are the costs of using a sauna blanket?

The sauna blanket has a power of 500 watts. Given the highly fluctuating electricity prices, it depends on the price you pay from your supplier.

For example, if you pay 25 cents per KW, an hour in the sauna blanket will cost you 12.5 cents.

Is the blanket heated with low EMF?

The sauna blankets are made with low EMF heating.

What material is the Flamengo sauna blanket made of?

The Flamengo sauna blanket is made of high quality, non-toxic and water-resistant polyurethane (PU leather).

The layer is protected with fire-resistant material.

What is in the box when I purchase a Flamengo blanket?

The box contains the infrared sauna blanket with associated connection, a controller with associated connection, a storage bag and a manual.

My face is not in the blanket. Does this make sense?

The infrared blanket ensures that your entire body is heated from the inside by infrared technology.

The face will still sweat, so you still have the desired effects.

How can I clean the infrared sauna blanket?

It is easy to clean the blanket.

We recommend a dry towel to remove any remaining sweat.

You can then use a non-toxic disinfected cloth or spray to disinfect the blanket.

How warm does the sauna blanket get?

You can set the temperature of the sauna blanket as desired between 35 and 75 degrees in steps of 5 degrees.

Is the sauna blanket safe?

The sauna blanket is made of high-quality material.

In addition, there are additional security elements in the blanket at 4 points that monitor the temperature.

If a difference is noticed between the requested temperature and the temperature in the blanket, the safety elements will ensure that the blanket is switched off.

The handheld transmitter also contains a safety element that monitors the temperature.

In other words, safety first.

What are the dimensions of the sauna blanket?

The blanket is 180 cm long x 90 cm wide. Unfolded, the blanket is 180cm x 180cm.


Why is the use of an infrared sauna blanket recommended?

The same benefits for a regular infrared sauna also apply to the infrared sauna blanket.

Think of reducing waste products in the body, sleeping better, burning calories, skin improvement, muscle and joint recovery, de-stressing, relaxing, pain relief.

And so more benefits for a healthy lifestyle.

Read more about this on the infrared sauna benefits page.

What is the difference between a regular infrared sauna and the infrared sauna blanket?

There is no difference in terms of infrared technology. It's the same except for the fact that it's in a blanket. So ideal.


How long does delivery take?

Orders are processed within 24 hours. You often receive the product the next day.

Please note, the carrier does not deliver on Sundays and Mondays. In the case of orders placed on Saturday, this means that you will often not receive the product until Tuesday at the earliest.

We do everything we can to process the order as quickly as possible, so that you can enjoy your product as soon as possible!

Are there shipping costs?

Shipping and return costs are free.

What can I do if I receive a damaged or defective product?

If you have any damage to the product, we ask you to contact info@flamengolife.com .

If possible, include photos of the damage to speed up the process. We will help you with the report as soon as possible.

Can I return or exchange my product?

If you would like to return or exchange the product, please contact info@flamengolife.com .

We will then help you further.

You can return or exchange the product within 30 days, provided you have adhered to the terms of our warranty policy.

In most cases, the paid amount will be processed within 14 days. This also applies if you exchange the product.

How does the 30-day free trial option work?

If you are not satisfied with your sauna blanket after use, you can return the blanket.

This is possible within 30 days of purchase.
You will then receive the full purchase amount back.

You are asked to handle the product and packaging with care. Please return it in its original condition, clean and without damage.

How long do I have a warranty on the sauna blanket?

There is a 12-month warranty. You can read more about this on the warranty page.


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